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PaperAuthorsYearPrimary TopicSubtopic
Model-free deflectometry for freeform optics measurement using an iterative reconstruction techniqueLOGAN R. GRAVES, HEEJOO CHOI, WENCHUAN ZHAO, CHANG JIN OH, PENG SU, TIANQUAN SU, DAE WOOK KIM2018OpticsMetrology, Deflectometry
Close-loop performance of a high precision deflectometry controlled deformable mirror (DCDM) unit for wavefront correction in adaptive optics systemLei Huang, Chenlu Zhou, Wenchuan Zhao, Heejoo Choi, Logan Graves, Daewook Kim2017OpticsMetrology, Adaptive Optics, Deflectometry
Dynamic Metrology and Data Processing for Precision Freeform Optics Fabrication and TestingMaham Aftab, Isaac Trumper, Lei Huang, Heejoo Choi, Wenchuan Zhao, Logan Graves, Chang Jin Oh, Dae Wook Kim2017OpticsMetrology, Fabrication
Fabrication and Dynamic Deflectometry Testing Methods for Freeform and Deformable OpticsDae Wook Kim, Isaac Trumper, Heejoo Choi, Logan Graves, Maham Aftab, Hyukmo Kang, Chang-jin Oh, Andrew Lowman, Greg A. Smith, Hubert M. Martin, Steve C. West, Michael T. Tuell, and Jeff Kingsley2017OpticsMetrology, Fabrication
New and improved technology for manufacture of GMT primary mirror segmentsDae Wook Kim ; James H. Burge ; Jonathan M. Davis ; Hubert M. Martin ; Michael T. Tuell ; Logan R. Graves and Steve C. West2016OpticsFabrication
Iterative Surface Constructi on for Blind Deflectometry Wenchuan Zhao, Logan R. Graves, Run Huang, Weihong Song, DaeWook Kim2016OpticsMetrology, Deflectometry
Adaptive interferometric null testing for unknown freeform optics metrology Lei Huang, Heejoo Choi, Wenchuan Zhao, Logan R. Graves, and Dae Wook Kim2016OpticsMetrology, Interferometry
Accurate and rapid IR metrology for the manufacture of freeform opticsDae Wook Kim, Tianquan Su, Peng Su, Chang-jin Oh, Logan Graves, and James Burge2015OpticsMetrology, Deflectometry
Measurement of Freeform Objects with IR DeflectometeryLogan R. Graves, Tianquan Su, Peng Su, Jim Burge, Dae Wook Kim2015OpticsMetrology, Deflectometry
A simple retinal mechanism contributes to perceptual interactions between rod- and cone-mediated responses in primates William N Grimes, Logan R Graves, Mathew T Summers, Fred Rieke2015MedicineVision, Non-linear
Enhanced visibility of colonic neoplasms using formulaic ratio imaging of native fluorescenceBhaskar Banerjee, Nathaniel Rial, Timothy Renkoski, Logan Graves, Sirandon Reid, Chengcheng Hu,Vassiliki L. Tsikitis, Valentine Nfonsom, Judith Pugh, Urs Utzinger2013MedicineCancer, Imaging
Ratio images and ultraviolet C excitation in autofluorescence imaging of neoplasms of the human colonTimothy Renkoski, Bhaskar Banerjee, Logan Graves, Nathaniel Rial, Sirandon Reid, Vassiliki Liana Tsikitis, Valentine Nfonsam, Piyush Tiwari, Hemanth Gavini, Urs Utzinger2013MedicineCancer, Imaging
Tryptophan Fluorescence of Cells and Tissue in Esophageal CarcinomaBhaskar Banerjee, Logan R. Graves, Urs Utzinger2012MedicineCancer, Imaging
Sa1839 Spectral Imaging of Neoplasms of the Colon by Targeting Tryptophan, FAD and CollagenBhaskar Banerjee, Timothy Renkoski, Hemanth Gavini, Logan R. Graves, Vassiliki L. Tsikitis, Nathaniel S. Rial, Urs Utzinger2012MedicineCancer, Imaging
Tryptophan autofluorescence imaging of neoplasms of the human colonBhaskar Banerjee ; Timothy Renkoski ; Logan R. Graves ; Nathaniel S. Rial ; Vassiliki Liana Tsikitis ; Valentine Nfonsam ; Judith Pugh ; Piyush Tiwari ; Hemanth Gavini ; Urs Utzinger2012MedicineCancer, Imaging