Here you can find a list of books that we think are valuable or interesting. Further, they are all free, so please check them out!

TitleAuthorYear of PublicationTopicDescriptionDifficulty
Calculus Made EasySilvanus Thompson1910Math, CalculusThompson published this work in 1910, and provides a humorous, simple, and fun introduction into calculus. Whether you have never learned calculus or are an expert, do yourself a favor and read this!Low
Book of ProofRichard Hammack2013Math, ProofsHammack wrote this after teaching proofs for 15 years. It is an excellent self teaching resource. Proofs can be looked at as the bridge to higher maths.Medium
On the Sensations of Tone as a Physiological Basis for the Theory of MusicHermann L. F. Helmholtz1912Music, MathHelmholtz describes tone and how it relates to music. A really interesting insight and perspective.Medium