Edward LaVilla on Visual Optics, Inspiration, and the Spirit of Learning


In this episode we sit down with the extremely dynamic Edward LaVilla, who is working on obtaining his doctorate in optical engineering. His work focuses on visual optics, although he has done research in a variety of other sub-fields inside of optics. Further, he brings the unique perspective of an entrepreneur, participating in the McGuire Entrepreneurship program at the University of Arizona and starting a small business. This is easily one of the most exciting and thought provoking interview we have done and I hope our listeners will enjoy.


1) Ibn al-Haytham “The Father of Optics”: https://www.photonics.com/a36717/Before_Newton_there_was_Alhazen

2) Roorda Lab: http://roorda.vision.berkeley.edu/

3) Multmodal Retinal Imaging: https://www.amazon.com/Multimodal-Retinal-Imaging-Amresh-Chopdar/dp/1907816607

4)Statistical Model for Normal Eyes: http://iovs.arvojournals.org/article.aspx?articleid=2188017

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