Discuss, don’t Lecture-Optics Roundtable

'Flat Earth' (Image credit: NFCA Pictures / flickr)
‘Flat Earth’ (Image credit: NFCA Pictures / flickr)

This is the first optics roundtable conversation. The roundttable format is a new thing we are trying out, in which a group of scientists will gather over beers to discuss some interesting current topic in science. In this week’s episode Edward LaVilla and Neil Momson joined the conversation to discuss two interesting topics. First, what is the best approach to discussing science with someone who holds a view on some scientific topic that you deem to be irrational? Do you tell them they are wrong, scoff, lecture to them what you hold to be right? Edward LaVilla proposed engaging all people in a scientific conversation, holding all curious and engaged parties as equals, and only making a prerequisite demand that rational and honest ideas be presented and generally to hold a scientific conversation. Building off of this concept, we then moved on to discussing Aumannian conversations, and how we arrive at defending absolute truths and generally what science is.

Resources and Links from this Episode:
Common Knowledge and Aumann’s Agreement Theorem

Common Knowledge and Aumann’s Agreement Theorem

Are Disagreements Honest?

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