Welcome to Airy Insights! My name is Logan Rodriguez Graves, I created this personal website to discuss concepts in optical sciences and the sciences in general, with the goal of not only educating others but generating discussions around complex topics. Additionally, the spotlight report podcast will be posted on this website.

About Me: My name is Logan Rodriguez Graves, I am a doctoral candidate at the College of Optical Sciences at The University of Arizona. My research focus has been advanced metrology methods, specifically in algorithm and hardware development for deflectometry methods. Prior to this, I focused on biomedical research, studying non-linear rod cone interactions at the retinal level, as well as studying autofluoresence of colon neoplasms to improve detection rates.

Outside of academics I am an avid bass player and I love mountaineering. My current goal is to improve science awareness and interest via writing and interviewing (through my podcast).

Consulting Work

Additionally, I have industry experience in optical design and algorithm development. I am a co-member of Resonance Optics, an optical solutions consulting company.

Please send all inquires to: